Monday, 5 September 2011

Sooty: Welcome back!

Nb. Skerratt Media hasn't made the new series of Sooty! (I haven't anywhere near that kind of money!!) But I (Alex) was on board as co-writer with Richard C and Wink Taylor.

What a lovely day :) After the Hit massacre of 2004, my feelings towards that yellow bear were, errm, mixed, to say the least! For those who don't know, Sooty did the TV equivalent of getting in with the wrong crowd, 'smoking stuff behind the bike sheds' and allowing himself to be led by a Brazillian cat called Miki, whose intentions were suspect to say the very least.
The writing team! Please note - I didn't take this picture!!
(Thanks Sarah xx)
But today - Monday 5th September at 10.10am... he came back!! Out of rehab and stronger than ever!

I was so excited to see The Wedding up on my screen. And never in a million years did I think I'd have anything to do a single episode, let alone co-write an entire series! I've waited 24 years to see my work broadcast and suddenly, like the proverbial buses, 'two come at once' - two transmissions on the same day!! Brilliant! Thank you :)

Then there's the other wait, the 7 year one, those long, dark years where the airwaves were officially Sootyless, save for the occasional repeat of Robo Richard or similar. They were a painful 7 years Sooty, (although Robo Richard had its moments.) Stay with the good crowd, steer clear of that Miki, but most important: hey, welcome back!

See Sooty every weekday on CITV at 10.10am and 1.25pm - (Freeview 72, Sky 621, Freesat 602!)

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  1. Hey Alex, I've been keeping a watchful eye on the latest Sooty series - and I'm VERY glad that I have. With the series now under Richard's full control, it's managed to regain some of the ol' Corbett magic I recall growing up with. And seeing those familiar faces in "The Wedding" episode has been the biggest delight of all =)

    From one Sooty fan to another, extremely well done for achieving a dream all nostalgic fans would love to do - working with their childhood heroes. Now if only (the current) Thomas the Tank Engine had hired freelance writers who knew how to handle a classic show properly...